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Finland is known for its’ vast amount of large and clean lakes. These lakes offer a very quiet, peaceful and relaxed environment to enjoy the Finnish landscapes. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful nature of Joensuu. Our city happens to be one of the greatest places in Finland to do Stand Up Paddling thanks to our various lakes, rivers and channels.

We, Arctic Trainers, are a company based in Joensuu Finland. Specialized in offering guided SUP-courses and SUP-rentals to all needs. In Finnish and in English. We know the best places to explore around Joensuu and we are known for our great customer service. Even for a first-timer, SUP is a very easy skill to learn and since the boards are lightweight (and some inflatable) you can basically go anywhere you’d like with it. And did we mention already that it also happens to be very fun?

It is said that an image tells more than thousand words, so see our photo-gallery so you get the feeling what we are all about:


What is Stand Up Paddling?

Stand Up Paddling is originally from Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. It´s super fun and relaxing way to spend the day on the water and it´s easy to learn. The basic idea is to stand and paddle on a big surfbord and get a whole new perspective on lakes and rivers. Stand Up Paddling is also superior full-body exercise that developes your aerobic capasity, muscular endurance and balance.

Who can do Stand Up Paddling?

Stand Up Paddling suits for everyone who is interested in watersports despite the age and physical condition. If you have learned to ride a bicycle you can learn Stand Up Paddling! If you like to have more challenge you can try paddling upstream the rivers, try your skills in white water or head to open water and waves in a windy day. Despite the weather you can go Stand Up Paddling basically anytime considering your skills and with right gear. As crazy Finns we have tried Stand Up Paddling even in mostly frozen water in the wintertime!

To get your Stand Up Paddling started we recommend to take part in our beginners courses where you get to learn all the correct techniques and water safety with our professional instructors. After the basic course you can join our guided paddling tours in most beautiful water areas in Joensuu and Kuopio or rent our gear from couple hours to whole weekend and make an adventure of our own. We also organize private courses to small groups based on your wishes!

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What can you do with Stand Up Paddle Boards?

Finland is full of beautiful lakes to paddle but there is other options too. You can also paddle down rivers, small rapids and catch waves and surf with the Stand Up Paddle Board. Big, stable boards can be also used for yoga and fitness training and water makes training even more challenging and fun demanding whole body to work hard.

What kind of gear do I need for stand up paddling?

The boards used for Stand Up Paddling are very stable and it`s quite rare to fall off the board when paddling in the flat water. Even so, we higly recommend everyone to use life vest always on the water. On a hot sunny day board shorts / bikinis are perfect outfit for paddling and you can stand on the board with barefoot. For cooler weather windproof pants and jacket or wetsuit and neoprene shoes are good. If you take part on our tours and courses in Joensuu or Kuopio the prices always include stand up paddle board, paddle and life vests. In Joensuu we also have wet suits and neoprene shoes for cool weather. We also rent wet suits together with board.

Stand up paddling in Joensuu Finland

Check out our SUP courses and trips in Joensuu and make a reservation! We can also rent the boards for you in Joensuu if you prefer to go on a private trip with your friends.



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